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From their first home to their first syndication, We pride ourselves on providing our clients with multiple investment options, effective strategy for expanding and exiting, and the best service in the business! We are happy to provide state-of-the-art conveniences to service our clients with the best.


Why Do Our Clients Sell With Us?


The value of #TeamHoston seller representation is unparalleled.


  • Our agents are area and product type SPECIALISTS who are equipped with the most up-to-date research available so that our clients can make the best possible business decision on the sale of their asset.


  • We will give you an honest evaluation of their property with supporting data and market experience. We have an established track record of closing escrow within 98% of our recommended list price and will make recommendations that will make the difference in your net proceeds.


  • We are experts in marketing quickly to the RIGHT buyers/brokers and structuring deals that achieve our clients’ investment goals as well as yield the highest possible return. Our #1 goal is targeting interested, active, and qualified buyers who will compete for your property and offer the best possible price and terms.


  • We close a high number of investment properties in Los Angeles for both buyers and sellers and are very experienced in negotiating terms in addition to price that make the difference in your bottom line.



Why Do Our Clients Buy With Us?


  • We canvas the market every week seeking the best deals on the market and distribute a “Weekly Market Update” via email.  Whether or not you are ready to buy today, you will always be kept up-to-date with where properties are being sold and how the market is changing. Sign up here!


  • Hiring #TeamHoston gives buyers the opportunity to hire multiple agents working to find their ideal asset so that every buyer knows their options in every market.


  • We listen to your investment goals and work closely with each other in order to best match our client’s needs with the right property.


  • We have an excellent reputation for working with qualified buyers and closing escrow.  We know that your agent’s reputation as well as the structuring and packaging of your offer can make the difference in getting your offer accepted.  We will advise you on the best ways to compete for a property and win.


  • We have outstanding relationships within the brokerage community and have closed escrow with many different agents and brokerage companies.  When you write your offer with us, other agents will know that you are ready to close escrow and take your offer seriously.



Why Do Banks Hire Us?


  • Selling foreclosure and REO assets are not easy tasks!  Many agents want to sell REO properties but few understand what it takes.  Lenders enjoy hiring #TeamHoston because we are equipped with efficient systems and multiple agents with extensive REO experience and are best prepared to handle the sale of these special assets.


  • We understand that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.  Lenders and asset managers need agents who can deliver BPOs (broker price opinions), provide extensive marketing, and deliver fully qualified buyers with strong offers in a timely manner. We have closed escrow in under 7 days and can deliver full BPOs in as quickly as 24 hours.


  • Lenders have specific needs that many sellers do not have.  Whether you need full management of your property or specific forms, terms, or communications; #TeamHoston has worked with institutional lenders and as well as private lenders and understand the needs of a lender are different than your average seller and will work to deliver what you need.


  • We cover the majority of Los Angeles and have sold every single product type possible.  All of our agents are Southern California natives and our closing resume’ (insert link) for commercial properties is extensive. #TeamHoston provides a “one-stop shop” for lenders and asset managers who need product and area specialization but don’t have the time to seek out multiple agents for their assets.

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