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With the April 18th tax deadline coming up in just a few days here are some landlord deductions that you don’t want to miss:

  • Home Office Deduction: Certain expenses that are associated with your home office or place of business for your rental properties can be deducted from your taxable income as long as they meet the requirements by the IRS.

  • Repairs: Include any necessary and ordinary property maintenance you have done (re-painting, fixing broken glass, etc.), as long as they are within a reasonable amount.

  • Insurance: Premiums you pay for almost any insurance for your rental activity may be deducted.

  • Interest: The largest expense. No landlord should ever miss this one but it’s too important to leave off!

  • Depreciation: A landlord’s favorite deduction! You can deduct a portion of the cost of the property over several years. If you’ve run out of depreciation, call us today to find out what your options are in today’s market

  • Utilities: If you as the landlord pay for utilities, they can be deducted from your taxable income.

  • Local Travel: Landlords are entitled to a tax deduction whenever they drive anywhere for their rental activity.

  • Long Distance Travel: Travel expenses related to your rental property (ex. airfare, hotel bills, meals,etc.).

  • Casualty: Have you had any damage or has your property been destroyed (by an event like fire or flood)?It's possible that you may be able to obtain a tax deduction for all or part of your loss.

  • Legal Services: Fees paid to accountants, attorneys, proeprty managemnent companies (as long as they are related to your rental activity may be deducted.

File on schedule. There’s no use in paying silly penalties and interest. You’ve got properties to run!

You can find more information on e-filing or request an extension directly on

For more detailed information contact your CPA.

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