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#JustSold 717 Edgewood St!

What an experience! This property sits on almost 10,000 square feet and is zoned R3. This means that someone could build 6+ units on this property. 🏘 It was one of the very last SFR's on this block full of apartments. Less than 2 miles from the new stadium development and in a prime area. All pluses right?✅ We just knew that this property would sell in a good amount of time. When we listed this property in 2017. We had no idea of the journey that we would go on just to get it sold. Through evictions, court dates, stolen real estate signs, squatters, low offers because of it's time on the market, and things you wouldn't believe if we told you, We were finally able to get it sold to a fantastic buyer for $5,000 over asking at $700,000.00💸, along with the building next door. 😊 This "transaction" and our seller taught us some invaluable lessons, and we look forward to passing that knowledge along to our Buyers and sellers in the future! 📝🏘😊Congratulations to @thekianacharles on this sale🎉! #realestate #inglewoodhomes#inglewood #teamhoston#investmentproperty #realestateinvesting

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